The Magic Hour

Welcome Mural Project

Take a tour of five newly installed murals welcoming you to the RAINIER VALLEY CREATIVE DISTRICT.

From Columbia City to Hillman City to Brighton to Dunlap to the Rainier Beach neighborhood, check out these beautiful artworks by five local artists. Take selfies and share them on your social media with the hashtags:
#RVCDMagicHour and #RVCDMurals.

» Map & Artists (PDF)

Josh Nucci


Joshua Nucci is a 23-year old African American, Blackfoot Indian, Brazilian, Italian and Portuguese visual artist, story teller, musician, and curator from Seattle, Washington.

“My cultural background of Indigenous descent inspires the stories I am drawn to tell with my music and visual art. I am focused on building community. Art is a way that I can share the knowledge I've gathered with others and learn myself. I utilize my visual art, color theory, and music to bring out the life and spirit I see inside of everything. From a pattern on a rock to the knots of a tree, I observe and listen.”

Katana Sol


Katana is an observer and listener who values community and kindness through bright colors and images of empowerment.

She likes to stop and listen to those around us, and see that as we are all connected, that we are an entanglement of so many things to still understand, and values listening to the stories of the past necessary to move forwards into a new future.



Introducing a rising star in the art world, Breyahna Coston or Breeze, Seattle-born and Tacoma-based, has already established themselves as a prominent figure in the Pacific Northwest art scene. Before pursuing art full-time, Breeze worked as a barber, developing an eye for detail and precision that translates seamlessly into their work. They also studied at Yale, where they deepened their understanding of art theory and technique. Breeze's skill set is impressive, ranging from mural work and canvas art to sculpting. They seamlessly shift between mediums, creating pieces that are captivating and unique. Their formative years at Garfield, a renowned arts-focused high school in Seattle, also influenced their artistic vision and approach. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Breeze's works are imbued with a sense of wonder and a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

Nahom Ghirmay


Having experienced diverse cultures worldwide, my art is profoundly influenced by these encounters, redefining my notion of 'home' and enriching my creative expression. Within my artworks, I venture into the exploration of identity and delve into the emotional depths, captivated by the subtle nuances of facial expressions and body language. Drawing inspiration from the stories, ambitions, and concerns of those around me, I strive to capture and portray these narratives. Ultimately, my goal is to foster connection among people, promoting empathy and dialogue that transcends cultural boundaries.

Amara S


Amara is an illustrator and designer with a love for cartoons and forestry. She has drawn spot illustrations and short stories for the publishing industry and recently graduated with a degree in graphic design. In her free time, she likes to sketch while going on long walks.

Check out our five new murals at the starred sites below!

Mural sponsored by Community Arts Create

Sponsored by Community Arts Create
L.E.M.S. Bookstore 5023 Rainier Ave
S Artist: Josh Nucci

Mural sponsored by Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

Rainier Valley Leadership Academy
6020 Rainier Ave S
Artist: Katana Sol

Mural sponsored by ADEFUA Cultural Education Workshop

ADEFUA Cultural Education Workshop
6716 Rainier Ave S
Artist: Breeze Coston

Mural sponsored by Ethiopian Community in Seattle

Ethiopian Community in Seattle
8323 Rainier Ave S, Suite A
Artist: Nahom Ghirmay

Mural sponsored by Rainier Beach Action Coalition

Rainier Beach Action Coalition
9013 Martin Luther King Jr Way S
Artist: Amara S